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Tara Kohler Principal
Andrew Kulak Assistant Principal for Teaching & Learning
Mary Jane Muello Assistant Principal
Desiree Vincent Assistant Principal for Student Services
Sarah Amaral-Pina Foreign Language
Kevin Beaulieu Foreign Language
Nelson Bernardo Science
Stephen Boucher English
Rudy Bulgar Paraprofessional
Matthew Burlinson History
Jessica Carpenter Science
William Carr English
Allen Constant Library/Instructional Technology Teacher
Pamela Corcoran Paraprofessional
Donna Cordeiro English
Tara Costa Foreign Language
Cherilyn Courville Foreign Language
James Cousens Art
John DaLomba Paraprofessional
Gregory Davis History
Kathleen Dollard English
Stacy Doyon Science
Melissa Duarte Foreign Language
Angela Fiske Special Education
Kelly Flynn Mathematics
Christopher Foster Health/Physical Education
Scott Francis Athletic Director/Mathematics
Drew Furtado Media/TV Production
Rob Gesualdo History
Jesse Gotlib Mathematics
Philip Harding* Mathematics/Teaching & Learning Supervisor
Benjamin Hevey History
Tracy Higgins* English/Teaching & Learning Supervisor
Raul Iriarte Foreign Language
Paula Jardin* History/Teaching & Learning Supervisor
Alyssa Jones School Nurse
Natalie Jordan Paraprofessional
Donald Joseph Mathematics
Lenore (Nora) Kelley School Counselor
Ann Lacasse-Elliott Special Education
Jamie Lynch Art
Debra Mahan Mathematics
Cari Mailloux Science
Priscilla McHale Paraprofessional
Alfred McNeill English
Douglas Medeiros School Counselor
Lisa Medeiros Paraprofessional
Jeffrey Moll Science
Janice Morency Paraprofessional
Christine Neville Art
Sandra Nunes Science
Christine Oliveira School Counselor
Shawnte' Paris Paraprofessional
Judy Pavao Paraprofessional
Amanda Pedersen Science
Jeffrey Perry College and Career Coordinator
Nicholas Pilla History/Rosetta Stone
Mary Pittsley Mathematics
Jennifer Polochick Health/Physical Education
Karen Ramsden Health/Physical Education
Michael Richardson History
Brenda Roveda Art
Michael Santos Special Education
Shannon Saumweber Mathematics
Sarah Schwanke School Social Worker
Joan Smith Paraprofessional
Julie Sunderland Mathematics
Jacqueline Vernacchio Special Education
David Welty* Science/Teaching & Learning Supervisor
Bethany Whinnem English
Bryan Young Music
Jeremy Young Music
Julie Anderson Junior Clerk
Linda DeCosta Junior Clerk
Diane Martins Administrative Assistant
Kerrie Oswald Senior Clerk
Steven Rosa Computer Technician
Nicole Potter Director of Instructional Technology
Kevin Fournier Custodian  
Steve Horsley Custodian  
Manuel Ribeiro Senior Custodian
Brian Richard Custodian  
Paul Gomes, Jr. Security
Officer Scott Joseph School Resource Officer


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