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Hastings Middle School

30 School Street
Fairhaven, MA 02719





Dr. Nicholas L. Bettencourt


Asst. Principal

Mr. Andrew P. Davey

About Hastings Middle School

Elizabeth Hastings

Mission Statement
The mission of the Hastings Middle School is to provide an educational program of the highest quality that addresses the personal, social, intellectual, and physical development of pre-adolescent youngsters. We shall strive to provide each and every student with the values, knowledge, and skills needed to achieve full potential in our changing and diverse society.

Vision Statement
Our vision is that Hastings Middle School will be a safe haven where academic excellence, developmental responsiveness and social equity exist for all students.

Hastings Middle School, working in partnership with students, parents, staff and the community;

  • will provide for all students an environment that fosters high levels of achievement, creativity and an appreciation for life-long learning;
  • will provide programs and policies that foster health, wellness, and safety;
  • will be sensitive and responsive to the varied developmental needs of the preadolescent student.

Philosophy Statement

The years between elementary and senior high school can be challenging for students, parents, and teachers. These formative years involve changes in the physical, emotional and intellectual nature of our students. With these changes come an open-minded quality, an enthusiasm and a healthy curiosity. We believe these qualities can be used to nurture an understanding of self, an appreciation of one’s place in society and a respect for knowledge and critical thinking. It is with these ideas in mind that we at Hastings Middle School have created our philosophy.    



Hastings Middle School is the only middle school in Fairhaven, MA. Students from two elementary schools feed into this school housing between 400 and 415 students in grades 6 – 8. There are twenty-two academic teachers on staff. In addition to the core curriculum, these teachers offer a variety of enrichment courses including Robotics, Whale of a Mystery, Project Based History, Project Based English, English Lab, and Math Lab. Through other diverse class offerings such as Spanish, Art, Chorus, Instrumental and String Orchestras, Science, Engineering, and Technology, and Instructional Technology, nine exploratory teachers enrich students’ learning experiences by providing environments in which students explore and participate in areas outside of the core curriculum. Three special educators collaborate with general education teachers to serve students more effectively. The guidance staff includes two guidance counselors; they offer guidance, supervise group meetings and breakfast club. Support staff includes seven educational support personnel who function in various capacities including help with flexible grouping instruction, monitoring students, and supervising the STEP room. Extra-curricular activities include a variety of activities and clubs: a sports program, an intramural program, and several clubs supervised by volunteers, including homework, rock band, and drama club.

128 Washington Street  · Fairhaven, MA 02719  ·  (P) 508-979-4000 ext. 110

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