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Visit our classroom webpages!


The Kindergarten Website

Mrs. Arruda

Mrs. Barboza

Mrs. Dwyer

Mrs. Ingemi


First Grade

Mrs. Katz

Mrs. Satchell

Mrs. Tynan 

Mrs. Vasconcelos


Also visit the grade 1 Facebook page: Grade1Wood


Second Grade

Mrs. Benjamin

Mrs. Desrosiers

Mrs. Gilbert

Ms. Lasalle


Third Grade

Mrs. Antonio

Mrs. Decas

Mrs. Plummer

Mrs. Tilton


Also visit the grade 3 Facebook page:Grade3Wood



Fourth Grade


Mrs. Dingee

Ms. Guilfoyle

Mrs. Homer

Mrs. Rock


Fifth Grade

Ms. Lamarre

Mrs. Langlais

Mrs. McGee

Mrs. Hunt


Also visit the grade 5 Facebook page: Grade5Wood




               Mrs. Taylor


Physical Education

Mr. Munce


Mrs. Nicolosi



Ms. Hamric


Health Room

Mrs. Valois

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